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Author:Noah Hale

Humanitarian Travel

What Is Humanitarian Travel All About

Humanitarian travel is an unsaid privilege - Humanitarian travel is not just about travel. It is about traveling to help people in need. For this reason, this form of travel is not only fun and games, but a privilege. Not many get the opportunity to travel...


7 Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling

Always Experiment - Thinking out of the box and picking the path less taken are key in having a fun travel experience. So, remember to always ease out of your comfort zone while traveling and try something new every trip. Every new experience is a memory...


Difference between Hiking and Trekking

Since both hiking and trekking involve traveling some distances on foot, most people confuse the two. The majority use the two words interchangeably yet they are definitely different. Hiking and trekking differ significantly on bases of the purpose, the places they happen, intensity, length and...

Volunteer Travelling

Six Reasons You Must Engage in Volunteer Travelling in India

What is Volunteer Traveling? This is not a mainstream form of traveling. It involves working with NGO's on their projects in different parts of a region which in this case is India. Usually, this type of travel is taken up by students from both schools and...