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Difference between Hiking and Trekking


Difference between Hiking and Trekking

Since both hiking and trekking involve traveling some distances on foot, most people confuse the two. The majority use the two words interchangeably yet they are definitely different. Hiking and trekking differ significantly on bases of the purpose, the places they happen, intensity, length and preparations among many other things. Read the following to see the difference.


Varied Purpose

The purpose and mission of going for a hike are totally different from that of a trek. Hiking is a leisure walk. It is simply an outdoor activity for leisure, fun and health improvement. People like to lose weight, reduce hypertension or simply have fun.


Trekking is a totally different thing. Trekking may occur because there is no means of transport to the place the trekker is going to. This way, footing becomes the option. This, therefore, calls for a dedicated, speedy and vigorous walk against the running of time. The walk may be adventurous all the same.


The Place and the nature of Roads

Hiking is a leisure walk and it happens in very beautiful scenes. Hiking happens in the well made trails and nice man-made roads. People will get out and hike in natural environments, scenic terrains, mountains, and trails.

Trekking occurs in varied routes. Trekking involves passing through vasts of varied, unfamiliar and unfavorable terrains, routes, forests, and mountains. Sometimes, maps come to the aid of trekkers.


The intensity of the Walk

Both hiking and trekking involve walking. However, the nature, speed, and mode of the walk are totally different. The luggage carried help in determining how fast the walking can be done. Length of the walk and the objective also determine the intensity and speed.

Hiking is moderately paced while trekking is an intense and vigorous walk.

Hiking is for fun and the fun is achieved by doing it moderately. Giving yourself time with the environment that you walk into is the best to do.

Trekking is totally different. You are competing with time. You have a place to arrive and objective to achieve. The walk must, therefore, be intense and vigorous.


The Length of the Walk

Time for trekking and for hiking is different. For a fun-filled leisure walk, a few hours are enough. As little time as two hours may be enough to hike. This is an outdoor activity for leisure, exercise, or military training. Two to eight hours may be enough. Maybe a few more hours will be enough save for mountain hiking which can go beyond a day.

Trekking is lengthy. It mostly takes more than a day. Sometimes weeks and on a few occasions, it takes months.


Preparations for the Walk

Preparing for a hike is simple. Preparing to go for a trek is totally different. Since we have seen hiking is a few hours activity, preparations are simple. All you need is a packed lunch or snacks if you will need them. Carry enough water and may some mosquito repellent. With this little preparation, you are ready to go.

Trekking is somewhat totally different. To take a week or several days walk, you need to pack enough. Most of the times, trekkers have someone to carry their baggage

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