KVRP Travel | Six Reasons You Must Engage in Volunteer Travelling in India
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Six Reasons You Must Engage in Volunteer Travelling in India

Volunteer Travelling

Six Reasons You Must Engage in Volunteer Travelling in India

What is Volunteer Traveling?
This is not a mainstream form of traveling. It involves working with NGO’s on their projects in different parts of a region which in this case is India. Usually, this type of travel is taken up by students from both schools and colleges, professionals on a sabbatical, backpackers, and explorers.

How it works –
Volunteer placement agencies get on to work with helping place volunteer travelers under different projects in the country and they are also involved in organizing the whole trip. They arrange everything ranging from accommodation, local guide, meals, cultural orientation, and city tours.

Opportunity to interact with local families –
Traveling in itself is an open door of opportunities to meet many new people and understand and dwell in the cultures and traditions unique to their region. Volunteer traveling specifically gives the volunteer the opportunity to interact with the local families with whom they are carrying out volunteering activities.


Make friends from all over the world –
Travelers from various parts of the world engage in voluntary activities in India. This is a great way to make new friends and experience new things together. Such interaction paves the way to a very culturally rich experience.

Take the path less traveled –
A true traveler is an adventure seeker. He or she never travels to touristy spots. Their travel experience is only complete when they go to places that are relatively unconventional. Volunteering travel helps you explore the unknown, and this is another major reason you must opt for such travel.

A once in a life Opportunity to capture moments –
Traveling is not just about taking pictures of yourself or the place you have visited. It is about capturing your most special and intimate moments during the trip. What can be better than collecting memories in your mind to laugh about or reminisce later in life? India, in particular, has millions of cultures all rolled into one nation. This gives you a lot more to remember and take back than most places.


An opportunity to improve the lives of those in need – 
The primary purpose behind volunteer travel, especially in a country like India wherein there is a lot of inherent poverty, is to contribute towards the betterment of that society. Doing this will not just aid in creating memories but also give you a sense of moral satisfaction by helping others.

It’s extremely cost-effective –
Volunteering travel in India is highly affordable as the fee that most placement agencies charge as a part of the project is very reasonable. Additionally, the fee includes your stay, food, local guide, etc. This a bargain you just can’t resist.

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